Beth Welch Snellings has been performing cello, teaching string instruments, and coordinating music for events in the San Francisco Bay Area for 25 years. Her work as a classical and jazz musician is founded on a rigorous, graduate-level conservatory education. As well as performing and teaching, she composes and arranges original pieces.

Beth Welch Snellings playing at a City Hall Wedding in San Francisco, she is a popular performer at all weddings, including LGBT.

Beth’s multifaceted talent is showcased through her work with symphony orchestras, musical theatre, television, chamber music ensembles and jazz combos. Her musical diversity has led to touring through Europe as cellist for the musical West Side Story, performances with the jazz strings duo Different Strokes (with violinist Yehudit), the Austin Willacy Band and the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra among others.

Event Solo Cellist
Beth is a popular performer for celebrations and events. She creates an enchanted atmosphere for weddings, art openings, non-profit and business receptions and more.

Event Music Coordinator
As a cellist with deep roots in San Francisco and a former artists’ management administrator, Beth taps into a broad network of music professionals. She specializes in crafting custom ensembles to provide unforgettable corporate event and wedding reception music at San Francisco City Hall, in the Napa Valley and at other venues.

“Thank you so much for your wonderful cello music at our wedding. Your music added to the magic of our day, and we appreciated all your great help picking the right music for the theme of the wedding.”
Diane and Steve

Strings Instrument Teacher
A favorite music teacher and cello teacher, Beth has extensive pedagogic experience including Chamber Music and Cello Sectional Coach at the Golden Gate Philharmonic, instrumental music director, music camp instructor and private music teacher. As a chamber music coach or strings orchestra director, Beth quickly gets students playing music they love on cello, violin, viola, and string bass. Her unique approach features a rapidly-absorbed learning method developed through teaching hundreds of aspiring musicians.

“Beth is supportive and positive. She is very creative about explaining both theory and the physical movement required to play the instrument – thinking of varied ways to phrase comments so that you can connect on intellectual, emotional, and visceral levels with what she’s trying to get across. Her enthusiasm for the cello is obvious, as is her genuine interest in helping all her students achieve their potential.”
Kate Gardiner (adult cello student)

Beth Welch Snellings playing the Cello against the backdrop of San Francisco
Contact Beth to inquire about her availability for:

event music coordinator
event solo cellist
cello lessons
teaching engagements — string orchestra director
teaching engagements — chamber music coach


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