Roofs deteriorate over time and one noticeable sign is leaking. Sometimes we opt to band aid remedies like waiting for the leak to stop or put a bucket directly above the leak to catch the water, and the worse thing is, we ignore it. Some of us are not aware of the dangers for a leaky roof. Leaking on your roof could lead to more danger than just an innocent drop of water.  


if you already notice leaks inside your home from your roof for a long time, then you are taking it lightly. You are probably thinking “nah, it’s just a leak” but, do you know the dangers of a leaky roof?  

Fire Starter  

Your roof has a lot of systems in place for your home to function. One of the systems placed on your roof is your electrical system. Once there is leaking, it means the water was able to penetrate and it could spread and start and electrical fire. As we all know water conducts electricity and it could cause fire. You may have faulty and open wirings on your roof and the leak could be a fire starter.  

Slippery Floors  

Dripping water from your roof can accumulate overnight if you do not notice it. Water on the floor can be very dangerous, and you slip anytime. Some of the home accidents are caused by leaky roofs. Before you get injured, it’s time to fix your roof. Slips can cause major concussion, trauma and even spinal injuries. You could take a bad step and slip hitting your head.  

Growth of Mold and Mildew  

Mold and Mildew can grow when there is moist and present of water. Leaky roofs attract them and they can grow fast. Molds and mildew could cause serious health problems. Leaky roofs could lead to this kind of infestation. They smell bad and can cause respiratory problems. Humidifiers can work to mask the odor but fixing your leaky roofs will eliminate them.  

Structural Damage  

When you have a leaky roof, this also weakens it. Water weakens the wood or drywall. If the leak spreads and runs down to your dry walls and wood floors, it can cause a major structural damage. Leaky roofs can weaken drywalls and wood causing them to collapse anytime.  

Wood Damage  

Water can extremely damage wood. And if you have a leaking roof, you could damage every wood part of your home. Leaks can be at different spots which mean those are the spots with higher water concentration and causes damage to wood. If you have a home that is mostly built on wood, the leaks from your roof can spread the damage.  

Calling experts near you like the Indianapolis Roofing Contractor can help you with your leaking roof. Aside from leaky roofs, you should check for other signs that your roof might be damaged. Do not wait for accidents to happen, if you can fix it now, then call the professionals to fix it. There is no price for maintaining a safe and comfortable home. Preventing dangers from one leak could mean life and death.  

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